Information on the proposed powerline project
Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) proposes to consolidate two transmission lines into one line.  The two current lines are running somewhat parallel paths, one through our neighborhood and one through an unpopulated area.  They are currently on 50’ wooden pole structures that blend into the environment as well as can be expected.  Western’s proposal is to consolidate these two lines onto one “upgraded” set of industrial, 110’ steel towers.

We have been following this and participating in the public meetings for four years, and waiting on the Agency Preferred Alternative Selection process for two. The Agency Preferred Alternative has been announced, and WAPA has decided to run the powerlines through our neighborhood. Click here and here for the news release and for the newsletter announcing this.

Still to come is the final Environmental Impact Statement. The MHPOA Board of Directors will discuss our next steps at our December 7 meeting.

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