To submit comments for the public record, e-mail them to: .  This is the best way to ensure all comments are captured in the public record.

Mark Wieringa, Natural Resources, Western Area Power Administration
P.O. Box 281213, Lakewood, CO 80228-8213

Tim Snowden, WAPA, Environmental Protection Specialist, 970-461-7440

Gene Iley, Environmental Manager, Rocky Mountain Region or 970-461-7200.

Randy Wilkerson, WAPA, Public Affairs Specialist, 720-962-7056

Carey Ashton, WAPA, Realty Officer, 970-461-7260

Diane Keirn, WAPA, Engineering Manager

Sue Greenley, US Forest Service, Land and Minerals Staff, 970-295-6735

Pam Shaddock, Office of US Senator Mark Udall, 970-356-5586

Tom Donnelly, Larimer County Commissioner, 970-498-7003

People to contact with your concerns:
100 Meadowview Drive - Estes Park CO 80517